Dear Colleagues and Students, It is a special honour and pleasure to invite you to this year’s 4th Congress of the Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals, a Professional Department for Medical Laboratory Activities, entitled Medical Laboratory Diagnostics in Practice, to be held in Zagreb from 7 to 9 June 2018. at the Academia Hotel. Congress is an excellent opportunity for transferring experience and acquiring new knowledge, and it is also an opportunity to create professional relationships and make new friends. At this year’s Congress, we want our students to take an even more active role and present their student work, to get acquainted with each other and to share the experiences they get at the faculties. The organizing committee, on this occasion, established a student section for student papers to be presented during the Congress. You can find all the important information and instructions for signing up for your work…

Dear Colleagues and Colleagues, We are pleased to invite you to the 4th Congress of the Professional Department for Medical Laboratory Activities of the Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals, entitled Medical Laboratory Diagnosis in Practice with International Participation. The Congress is intended for all healthcare professionals and those concerned with medical laboratory diagnostics and its application in practice as well as scientific research. Congress topics cover areas of medical laboratory diagnostics from clinical chemistry and haematology, microbiology, pathohystology and cytology, transfusion medicine and immunology, and molecular diagnostics. Also, we have an established student section where MLD students will be able to present their work with the expert help of the student section moderator. As CCHP-PDMLA is a full member of EPBS and IFBLS, the Congress will have an international significance for participating member states with whom we will change our experience in the work, new technological achievements as well as…


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