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Professional Department for Medical Laboratory Activities



Welcome speech Head of Professional Department

Dear colleagues – medical laboratory professionals!

A long, patient, visionary work of the Croatian Association of Laboratory Medicine is deservedly rewarded.
Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals (CCHP) was founded in the 3rd February 2010. We are now able to independently lead equal and prudent institution that has a public authority. We can negotiate, propose and ask for solving pressing problems for the profession to such important questions.
From now on, you create a professional status in society, further adjustments in the promotion, recognition of the profession for domestic and European labor market.

For future generations will be easier in the education and promotion, because they will have an organization that will protect them and ensure that they are equally valuable in the professional community and university health professions.

This is an extraordinary event for me personally, and all colleagues who have generously invested a lot of knowledge, work and leisure time for our profession and the medical laboratory community.

Thank you all for jobs well done and your patience, and when the target was not visible. Sometimes it was not easy to restore confidence in the vision that seemed unattainable, but as you know only the patience and persistence reach the goal.

Now it’s your turn!

This institution is made from all of us medical laboratory professionals, employed in many medical diagnostic laboratories. It is our duty, as professionals, become a member of the Chamber, to take care of the permit to work, prosper, protect their rights and fulfill their obligations.

So fulfill your duty, become a member CCHP – Professional Department for Medical laboratory Activities.

I am proud that I can send cordial greetings and say, see you in CCHP.


Sincerely yours,

Jasna Matic,
Head of Professional Department for Medical laboratory Activities


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